The Red, White, and Blue Cross is devoted making our world a better for our soldiers and their families who've given their lives for our true liberty that we've enjoyed at the cost of their lives and
bodies, some who return home without an arm or a leg as well as families left without a loved one.We desperately need good telemarketing fund raiser, who can all enjoy working from their homes earning a commission for a wide range of progressive non-profits that include our dear nation's most important cultural, environmental, humanitarian, medical, and political, and ethical,
organizations, and we want YOU who care to join us and our truly motivated team at The Red, White, and Blue Cross to dare to win the hearts of the American people in an actively progressive campaign to have our soldiers return home to the U.S. Help end the war abroad by first starting here at home where it truly counts by helping our soldiers get back on their feet, the same feet that fought for our true liberty, freedom, and the right to the pursuit of happiness regardless of race, creed, or sex.. Give generously, on line or by phone, now. Believe in your country for it has belied in you. Dare to win for them what they have dare to win for us.