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Please Join Us - "Remember Our Heros"


Christmas is a time of giving and receiving. As members of the community, we give life every day. This year, the tables were turned when our very own heroes found themselves in need of lifesaving assistance in the year of 2009 narrowly leaving them non-responsive for help themselves after giving the service that they themselves now need, counting every minute after as a gift and a blessing. Neither sure when and if they will be able to return to work.

Today, many Paramedics continue to struggle toward their recovery. Burdened with medical bills, substantially reduced income, and the costly implications of necessary therapies and home-care, many find themselves in very unfamiliar territory: they need help from heroes like you.

That’s why EMTs, Medics, and their families are banding together to help out with The Red, White, & Blue Cross, a charitable fund organization created for the sole purpose of providing security, peace of mind, and assistance to the medics and medical professionals that give life, love, and selfless service everyday.

You can make a long-term difference in the lives of friends. Encourage friends and family to join you in visiting one of the “Remember our Heroes” donations stations set up on the Paramedics Page at our site:

We understand that the recession has taken a toll on us all. That’s why we’re asking for your one time donations of “ones” and “fives” "10's" or at the most "20's or “the money that jingles”, not a monthly commitment or costly contribution. If we all work together… a little can go a long way.

Out of town the day of the donations? Want to make a difference now? Your charitable donations to the Paramedics and EMTs Fund may be received via Pay pal at the following link: Donation through Paypal

Can’t afford to donate? Still want to help? Forward this email to all of your friends to make an immediate and positive difference this
holiday season.

For more information, contact us at to learn how you can help transform the American Dream into a reality for all if us,especially those who protect and serve us.